The Willhova Group is known for its dedication to the industry of construction, home improvement and real estate investment. We have earned a good will and a fame that is hard to earn without hard work, commitment, innovation and intellect. The reviews and testimonials that our clients have written for us speak for themselves. We take pride in each and every one of these reviews and testimonials, because when we take a look at them, they remind us of the hard work we did, the innovation that we used and the experience that we gained while working on that project.

Although the reviews and testimonials written for The Willhova Group say it all, but we always encourage our new clients, prospects, partners and investors to go further, have a cup of coffee with our satisfied clients and see how they praise our work. We do this with 100% guaranteed assurance that they will only hear good about us. What makes us so sure is not only our experience in the industry of construction, home improvement and real estate investment, but also our purest desire to employ the best of our talent and satisfy our clients. This is why in the state of Maryland, The Willhova Group is known for its quality work and professional ethics.

The reviews and testimonials that you see on this page are 100% original and if you take interest in any of our services, we can always arrange a visit to the locations where we worked, the buildings that we erected from the ground, the homes that we restored to their original glory and the realtors who love to work with us. The Willhova Group is making partners, not clients. We believe in long-term work relationship and mutual benefit; we believe that one satisfied client brings 10 more. Thanks for the time you took readings this, now enjoy the testimonials and see how high our clients think of us.

Hear What Others Think Of The Willhova Group


The Willhova Group took part in the entire process from suggestions to execution. There primary tasks comprised of construction and creating our new ideal home. They labored individually and has a great feeling for construction and residential builder structures." -H. Rauch
H. Rauch
Very good service would definitely use this company again. -M. Sparks
M. Sparks
On April of this past year I requested The Willhova Group to provide us a very detail quote to construct an extravagance home in Maryland. The appointment that they made was continued on time. They demonstrated me an array of design and options at very affordable cost from our needs. They explain all of the necessary particulars clear and briefly. I've had not a problem whatsoever with this new house and I am completely satisfied with the results. Before beginning this massive project I request them for, and it was given a listing of addresses where they've built houses. I visit a number of them and all the proprietors I spoken to reported, much like me that they are completely pleased with the service they'd received. I highly recommend them to my wonderful co-workers. I've no hesitation in highly suggesting The Willhova Group to them. Thanks again, -R. Shearer
R. Shearer
The Willhova Group were very creative within their design and adopted all the designs we presented. They finished all of their promises until project was completed. In the last year, they effectively built several multifamily models for us too and other developers. -Kirsty J.
Kirsty J.
Was approached by phone and email from The Willhova Group soon after posting my request. Was promptly for initial consultation. Stayed in direct contact throughout the entire whole process. Described the process at length. Finish the work promptly and below budget. One of the best company I have dealt with in a long time. -Elaine B.
Elaine B.
I was world-class and highly professional customer support. Awesome and very fast service delivery Thanks for the wonderful job. Highly recommended! -P. Schmidt
P. Schmidt
The Willhova Group construction company and commercial contractor think within the strength and excellence of their clients associations. They are expert in construction and professionalism. Your organization completed projects well in front of schedule. -H. Bodley
H. Bodley
I am very happy with the service .I found your service on internet search. Prices were fair. I found the site easy to use straight forward. Good company and staff, very positive and helpful Thanks for the wonderful service. -Faria K.
Faria K. N
Our beautiful full restoration is completed which is simply amazing! Our only regret is the fact that we didn’t contact The Willhova Group sooner for our commercial construction project. Furthermore they've our recommendation; they also would be the first to call if we decide on any future projects. -F. Clappier
F. Clappier
I was surprised when I've dealt with Willhova Group, they are so professional, complete my project on time. I really want to say thank to them. Their staffs are friendly and professional. When I have a new ideal, i come here and have some useful advices. They help me so much. -P. Pham
P. Pham
I don't have any hesitation to recommend The Willhova Group no matter the dimensions or completely associated with a project. Most significantly the workmanship was excellent and out of this world. This is apparent from the many compliments we received. -A. Dier
A. Dier
Great service in my honest opinion, one time I must complete my project about build a new home for my client. So after researched I chose this group and I felt very pleased about their service. They operated so fast more than I expected, my project completed earlier my intend. Recommend their service. Thanks. -H. Lol
H. Lol
I had been especially impressed with them handling of our construction project. Dedicated to client satisfaction, The Willhova Group began to instantly correct what could’ve been a tragedy on our project, despite the fact that the first general contractor was already gone. Their solution was stunningly beautiful. I'd believed that I'd never love any room around our kitchen; however I enjoy my full basement too. So without reservation, I totally recommend The Willhova Group Construction to anybody searching to renovate around their house. The Willhova Group won't dissatisfy - they goal to impress." — R.Miller
R. Miller
As we signed the contact and many types of permits were achieve before the job began from the general contractor. The sub-companies counseled me professional and sincere within our house. They removed all the worksite debris daily and were very sincere towards our neighbors. We're able to visit the site daily because the team was dealing with no incident. From design to arranging to execution, again a nice job! I am looking forward greatly to dealing with The Willhova Group on additional home improvement and construction projects." — D.Crawford
D. Crawford
Super impressed with this particular professional, he turned up promptly, described exactly what must be done, provided an very reasonable cost and completed the job within dependent timely matter. Recommend The Willhova Group, I've business card to get in touch with them if you want one." -S.Foster
S. Foster
I can’t explain how happy I am because of the help that The Willhova Group provided to me and my family. After Daniel’s death, it was my responsibility to take care of my kids’ future. We had some savings and I wanted to invest the money to take care of my kids’ education. Thanks to The Willhova Group’s smart real estate investment plans; now we own this house and my daughter can follow her dream of going to Stanford. Their real estate investment advice and guidelines quadrupled my money within only a couple of years and now my investment is worth 10 times of its real price.” — Samantha D.
Samantha D.
I had this commercial plot vacant for over 10 years and I simply could not figure out as to how to build a commercial complex over it, without draining myself out of all of my savings. I am very thankful to The Willhova Group; not only they helped me find the best commercial construction loan from a bank that they trust, but also undertook the responsibility of erecting a cost-effective and yet impressive commercial complex over my property. I would definitely recommend The Willhova Group for their professional ethics, hard-work and cost-effective construction methods.” —James M.
James M.CEO, Mockingbird
In her last years, Donna wanted to live in her own home. This was not it; she would never approve a house that we like and insist on constructing as per the plan that she had in her mind. We consulted many residential construction companies and she was never satisfied. However, The Willhova Group’s architects impressed her with the brilliance of their work and the innovation behind their ideas; Donna approved the plan and it was a miracle for us to shift to our own house within only 6 months. If Donna breather her last in her own home, I owe this totally to The Willhova Group, and I will recommend them for stylish, cost-effective and durable residential constructions.” -Micheal S.
Micheal S.CFO, Valar Dohaeris
Thanks to The Willhova Group, Corporation! The commercial property had to be redesign to ADA standards. You explored the only redesign the property to satisfy specific needs, however, you went the additional distance and built creative features which make every aspect in our home accessible to disabled people. We're deeply grateful to your amazing people in The Willhova Group." -Houston family
Houston FamilyDesigner
The Willhova Group, Corporation was professional, well spoken along with a wiz at finishing all of the projects I hired them for. Not just did they perform a fantastic job at fixing my problems, also, he required time to provide me suggestions about future projects (most of which he led me through, and so I could do them by myself). I'd recommend The Willhova Group for your restoration needs!" -D. Allen
D. AllenDeveloper