THE WILLHOVA GROUP always like to focus on transparency, quality and engagement with prospects. This is the reason why the first thing that you learn when you log on to is that we are real! We are not some shaky and shady internet scam that does not have any offline presence. We are also not running our website and our operations from an office located somewhere in a slum-like vicinity. We are real and the proof are the videos that you can see on this page. We believe that a real internet company can only be gauged through a real video-based presence.

We believe that if a company is not in the news, cannot deliver a video of their own or cannot show an evidence of how popular they are through commercials does not actually matter. This is why following our core principle of transparency and quality, we are showcasing our videos on this video page of  THE WILLHOVA GROUP. These videos belong to different backgrounds. For example, you can see our representative explaining the impeccable services of THE WILLHOVA GROUP, you can also see how our hard-work earned us some space in the primetime premiere breaking news commercial of the World News channel. Last, but not the least, you can see all our commercials featuring lavish, lush and expensive Lamborghini cars.

The video content that we have on our website is absolutely unique and untampered. We are not like those others businesses who build a website over false representation of success. Each and every video that is available on this video page is real and we paid a good amount for the marketing videos. As far as the news video is concerned, that alone is a proof that THE WILLHOVA GROUP  is getting “some attention” after all the years of hard-work, persistent marketing, quality deliveries and hundreds of tutorials by our loyal clients, that we treasure. THE WILLHOVA GROUP  will continue on this path to success and soon you would see our commercials on T.V. and our ground-shattering success news in the national media.

While the news video is there as an evidence of our fame as an industry leading real estate, general contractor and construction company, the commercials were made by industry-savvy marketing agencies that operate at international level. These commercials not only show the money that we invested in a massive marketing campaign, but also the professionalism, skills and intellect of our marketing partners. We would like to thank and congratulate our advertising partners as well as the World News Channel upon choosing and partnering us. This trust reflect the trust that our customers show in our expertise and intention to give them the best value on their investment.

When you know that you trust a company with proven track record and media presence, you know that you would receive the best value and return on your investment. You can watch all these videos and commercials on this page as well as our YouTube channel by logging on to Now enjoy watching the evidence of our hard-work and reputation in international media.